– The module format - except our CP-series - follows the industry standard ( etc.)

– The modules work with supply voltages of -15/+15 Volts

   (they can be adapted to Moog standard (-6/+12 Volts) or to -12/+12 Volts as custom order - please ask us).


– The faceplates are etched as the original Moog modules. Two power connectors ( of the Knobs) are

   on-board as standard, adaptors for other systems are available upon request.)


Threshold voltage of the trigger inputs is +1 volt. Control voltage range is usually 10 volts.


– The panel widths are as follows:

     M501 E, M501 M, M504, M517S, M524 A, M525, M526, M543E, M551, M553, M565 v3, M565 D, M567, 

     M568 P, M569 EGB, M569 ESB, M569 LE, M590 MCP, M592 In/Out, M594, M599 = 1 U

     M501 D, M502 D, M505, M506, M511ac, M511c, M511d, M524, M552, M554, M563 E, M564, M568 A, M569 EG, 

     M569 ES, M591, M592 Master = 2 U

     M517 = 3 U

     M543, M563 = 4 U

     M568, M569 = 6 U

     M543ECP, 569EGB CP, 569ESB CP, 590 MCP, 594CP = 2 U in console panel height

     M525 MCP, M543CP, M544 CP, M551CP, M564 CP, M565 CP, M569 EGCP, M569 ESCP = 4 U in console panel height    

    (143 mm, following the Moog standard) 

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