– The module format - except our CP-series - follows the industry standard ( etc.)

– The modules work with supply voltages of -15/+15 Volts

   (they can be adapted to Moog standard (-6/+12 Volts) or to -12/+12 Volts as custom order - please ask us).

– The faceplates are etched as the original Moog modules. Two power connectors ( of the Knobs) are

   on-board as standard, adaptors for other systems are available upon request.)

Threshold voltage of the trigger inputs is +1 volt. Control voltage range is usually 10 volts.

– The panel widths are as follows:

     M501 E, M501 M, M504, M508series, M517S, M524 A, M525, M526, M528, M543E, M551, M553, M565 v3, M565 D, M567, 

     M568 P, M569 EGB, M569 ESB, M569 LE, M590 MCP, M592 In/Out, M594, M599 = 1 U

     M501 D, M502 D, M505, M511ac, M511c, M511d, M524, M530, M552, M554, M563 E, M564, M568 A, M569 EG, 

     M569 ES, M591, M592 Master = 2 U

     M517 = 3 U

     M543, M563 = 4 U

     M568, M569 = 6 U

     M543ECP, 569EGB CP, 569ESB CP, 590 MCP, 594CP = 2 U in console panel height

     M525 MCP, M543CP, M544 CP, M551CP, M564 CP, M565 CP, M569 EGCP, M569 ESCP = 4 U in console panel height    

    (143 mm, following the Moog standard) 

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