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List price inside the EU
(incl. 19% VAT)
Export price outside the EU
(excl. 19% VAT)
M 501 DDual Voltage Controlled Oscillator624,00 Euros524,37 Euros
M 501 EDual Oscillator Expander147,00 Euros123,53 Euros
M 501 MOscillator Mixer147,00 Euros123,53 Euros
M 502 DDual Voltage Controlled Amplifier309,00 Euros259,65 Euros
M 505Voltage Controlled Multi Mode Filter289,00 Euros242,85 Euros
M 506Voltage Controlled Modifier354,00 Euros297,48 Euros
M 511 ACQuad Voltage Controlled Gate Delay249,00 Euros209,24 Euros
M 511 CVoltage Controlled Enveope Generator249,00 Euros209,24 Euros
M 511 DDual Envelope Generator249,00 Euros209,24 Euros
M 517NEW: Coupled Voltage Controlled Hi/Lo Pass Filterst.b.c.t.b.c.
M 517 SNEW: Single Voltage Controlled Hi/Lo Pass Filter249,00 Euros209,24 Euros
M 524Quad Voltage Controlled Low Frequency Oscillator298,00 Euros250,42 Euros
M 524 AVoltage Controlled LFO Assistant198,00 Euros166,39 Euros
M 525 Quad Reversible Attenuator139,00 Euros116,80 Euros
M 525M CP**Reversible Attenuator/Mixer219,00 Euros184,03 Euros
M 526 Reversible Mixer139,00 Euros116,80 Euros
M 544 CP**Utility Module298,00 Euros250,41 Euros
M 551 Midi-to-Control Voltage Converter213,00 Euros178,98 Euros
M 552Quad Control Voltage-to-Midi Converter298,00 Euros250,41 Euros
M 553 Midi-to-Clock Module158,00 Euros132,77 Euros
M 554Octal Clock Divider329,00 Euros276,46 Euros
M 563 v24 x 8 Step Trigger Sequencer489,00 Euros410,91 Euros
M 563 v2Upgrade from M 563 v1*139,00 Euros116,80 Euros
M 563 ETrigger Sequencer Expander249,00 Euros209,23 Euros
M 564 Sequential Divider Switch289,00 Euros 242,85 Euros 
M 565 v3Bipolar Quad Quantizer219,00 Euros 184,03 Euros 
M 565 v3 Upgrade 565 v1/v2 to 565 v3*89,00 Euros 74,79 Euros 
M 565 DProgrammable Quantizer Controller159,00 Euros 133,61Euros 
M 567Universal Programmer178,00 Euros 149,57 Euros 
M 568 Quad Sequential Trigger Source1179,00 Euros 990,71 Euros 
M 568 Upgrade M 568 to support the M 56759,00 Euros 49,58 Euros 
M 528 AQuad Sequential Trigger Source Assistant225,00 Euros 189,07 Euros 
M 569Quad Sequential Voltage Source1498,00 Euros 1258,77 Euros 
M 569 EG32-Point Gate Expander for the M 569249,00 Euros 209,23 Euros 
M 569 ES32-Point Set Expander for the M 569249,00 Euros 209,23 Euros 
M 569 EGBBasic Gate Expander for the M 569209,00 Euros 175,62 Euros 
M 569 ESB Basic Set Expander for the M 569209,00 Euros 175,62 Euros 
M 569 LE NEW: Quad Lag Expander for the M 569249,00 Euros 209,23 Euros 
M 591Quad Switch Matrix Router149,00 Euros 125,20 Euros 
M 592Reversible Modulation Matrix System (3 Modules)449,00 Euros 377,31 Euros 
M 594Multiples69,00 Euros 57,98 Euros 
M 599Octal Jack Interface89,00 Euros 74,79 Euros 
M 500 1BBlank Faceplate/1 unit wide17,00 Euros 14,29 Euros 
M 500 1LBlank Faceplate/1 unit wide with "Moon" Logo17,00 Euros 14,29 Euros 
M 500 2BBlank Faceplate/2 units wide22,00 Euros 18,49 Euros 
M 500 2LBlank Faceplate/2 units wide with "Moon" Logo22,00 Euros 18,49 Euros 

M 500-T4***Powered Tabletop Cabinet (4 Units) w/o sidepanels198,00 Euros 166,38 Euros 
M 500-T6***Powered Tabletop Cabinet (6 Units) w/o sidepanels229,00 Euros 192,43 Euros 
M 500-T8***Powered Tabletop Cabinet (8 Units) w/o sidepanels259,00 Euros  217,64 Euros 
M 500-T10***Powered Tabletop Cabinet (10 Units) w/o sidepanels298,00 Euros250,41 Euros
M 500-W***Solid Walnut sidepanels (for M 500 T4/6/8/10)57,00 Euros47,90 Euros
M 500-R1***Powered Rack (1 row/8 units)360,00 Euros 302,51 Euros
M 500-R2***Powered Rack (2 rows/8 units each)490,00 Euros411,75 Euros 
M 500-RP***Powered Rack (2 rows standard/1 row CP/8 units each) 589,00 Euros494,94 Euros 
M 500-C10***Powered Wooden Cabinet (1 row/10 units)535,00 Euros 449,56 Euros 
M 500-P***NEW: Powered Tolex Cabinet (2 rows standard/1 row CP/8 units each) 1298,00 Euros1090,76 Euros
M 500-P3NEW: Modular Sequencing Synthesizer System in P-style Tolex cabinet5148,00 Euros4326,05 Euros

To order one of our modules send an e-mail to Les MoMo Consulting or contact one of our distributors.

* Excl. shipping to and from factory. For upgrades please contact Les MoMo Consulting directly.

** For purchasing contact LesMoMo Consulting directly.

*** Please contact Les MoMo Consulting before using them with modules other than Moon Modular.

Ask for postage/packaging fees to your country. We accept bank transfer and Paypal in Euro currency.

Payment must be in advance. We ship within 7 days after funds have been cleared.